Allah, the best of Creators

This book is a commentary on the Quran.
The Quran claims that several Writings of the Bible are 'given' by Allah, but it appears that his quotations from the Bible are incorrect.
Allah says that he signed the Sinai covenant with Israel, but he doesn't know the Ten Commandments (Decalogue) of that covenant. The Quran tells us that it was Allah, who would have given Jesus the Gospel, but Allah is not familiar with the Gospel...Allah the best of creators
The history of the birth of Jesus has become a strange and shadowy story in the Quran. Allah denies that Jesus is his son. And the reason is that he has no consort. Therein lies the proof that Allah is not God, because God has the ability to father a son without a wife. Allah is therefore not omnipotent.
Allah does not understand that Jesus did not become the Son of God when Mary gave birth to Him. He was already the Son of God in heaven but He needed a human body (in the likeness of sinful flesh) to die for the sins.
Allah has no motive and no plan for 'his' creation. Allah created man to give him a meaningless life, let him die, and after that man will be resurrected from the dead for no reason. According to Allah, death is not come by sin. Death was included in 'his' creation. Sin is a vague concept with Allah. Sin is something you commit against your own soul. Allah demands of Muslims that they kill 'infidels and idolaters'. Jews and Christians must - if they are not slain - pay protection money and be subservient to Muslims. The 'believers' can earn the afterlife by acts, obligations and fight (read: kill) for the sake of Allah. The salvation that Allah offers is briefly this: you will enter gardens that have rivers flowing through them and you will be dressed in silk and you will be draped with pearls and gold jewelry. The people who would walking around in these gardens have slain and/or have been slain for the sake of Allah.

Islam has no content, it is a violent and soulless religion.

A salient detail is that the Quran indicates where the religion of Hubal, the moon god, turns into Islam.

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